Top 8 Advanced Pushup Workout To Increase Strength

Top 8 Advanced pushup workout which can give you, your ideal physique. Know how to do it, Increase your both mobility and explosive strength.

“Fitness isn’t about a crunch or pushup. It’s about taking your power back”

Hello, guys hope you all are fit n fine in this COVID pandemic. Today we are going to talk about the top 8 advanced pushup workout to increase strength. So the first thing that came to our mind while starting our daily workout routine is what. any guesses? obviously, pushups. the push-up is a common calisthenics exercise that anyone can do but only some people do it by perfection. So today we are going to talk about eight different kinds of pushups that help us to increase our strength.

While starting doing pushups somewhere we got one thought in our mind that there is a risk that we don’t harm ourselves while bending or lifting so we need safety and precautions through which it is easy to do a perfect pushup. Some people go to the gym twice a day & do vigorous exercise to gain explosive strength, but they fail. As we all know taking supplements and going to the gym twice a day is not worthy of thought for gaining strength. In my opinion, pushups are the best exercise to gain explosive strength. It provides us with various advantages over the gym.

So, without any more delay let’s begin with our top 8 advanced pushup workout to increase strength.


An amazing pushup variation only for people with strong hearts. This pushup variation lets you feel, what it looks like being a superman. It helps you to strengthen your core and lats which is very essential for every physique.


  • The important key to perfectly perform this variation is to keep your core engaged and balancing the body in mid-air.
  • Keep your body still and tight while in mid-air and also perform all pushup workouts with proper support and precautions.


Spiderman pushups are great for increasing upper body strength. Your chest, triceps, shoulders, and forearms all get a workout. This exercise is also useful for core strength, especially in the abs and obliques.


  • Stay low on the ground like a lizard so that you can get proper oblique stretch and enhance arm strength.
  • Keep your body straight, don’t let your back sink, and do as many reps as you can do.


Claps pushup, one of the hardest pushup variations just like superman pushup. It helps to increase explosive strength as it takes a lot of effort to reach the maximum height and doing three claps in mid-air. This variation improves the speed, mobility, endurance, and strength of arm muscles. One who wants a beast-like explosive strength in their arm should compulsorily try this.


  • When you push your body up, keep your back slightly bent as it will help you gain some time in mid-air.
  • Do this variation with all precautions and support to avoid any injuries.


This pushup workout is a great expression of strength, tension, and balance. Many strong athletes are not able to do it. It requires technique and proper tightness in your body. When people fail in a single-arm pushup they think that they don’t have enough strength but the reality something else. Actually, a single-arm pushup requires proper tightness in the body. So, try to keep your body hard and starting trying to do it on a bench or stairs.


  • While performing the push-up keep your legs widely open and first try to do that on steps or at an inclined plane.
  • Keep your other hand behind your back to gain stability.


Handstand pushup is the most beneficial variety of the pushup family. It enhances arms strength and improves the balancing technique. Apart from the strength, it requires great flexibility. If you want to perfect it then first try to do wall support, build your arm strength, learn balancing techniques then you can definitely able to do it perfectly.


  • Try to keep your back arched and rest at the top.
  • Don’t see the floor while performing a pushup, keep your neck in line with your spine.


Pushup workout

A planche pushup is an advanced pushup workout that requires a tremendous amount of upper body, core, and leg strength. You use your arms, upper body, and core to control and support your body weight. You also need to engage your hip, glutes, and leg muscles.


  • Try to lean forward as you go upward in a pushup workout.
  • At starting, do some pushup like tuck n up pushup to get a knowledge of our strength so that we can analyze that we should do it or not.


Pushup workout

The Archer Push-Up is perfect for creating a variation that places the majority of the body’s weight on one side. The Archer allows you to take a higher percentage of your own body weight, with one arm, but also still allows the other arm to assist (slightly).


  • Do not let your back sag and try to keep your hands wide enough.
  • Don’t move your legs keep them straight and tight.


Pushup workout

The Maltese pushup is a gymnastic variation of the push-up, in which the hands are positioned further down towards the hips, but with a wide distance between them. It is a more advanced pushup variation than planche pushup and requires much more explosive strength than planche pushup.


  • Your body should be straight make sure you’re locking out the elbows. 
  • Push your body up through the shoulder blades and descend to the very bottom position then pause and again pushup with elbows locked.


Pushup workout

The Aztec push-up is a plyometric exercise that requires explosive strength. Agility will also play a role when performing a proper Aztec push-up. An Aztec push-up is a push-up where at the top you explode and reach for your toes, as you bring your toes towards you.


  • Keep your legs straight while up in the air.
  • First, try to do it by touching your knees after practicing try for feet.

All these pushup workouts are the most deserving workout among thousands of variations of pushup workout. Doing all these pushups is a tough task. They help to improve explosive strength & mobility. Apart from its benefits, one should always take some safety precautions before trying them. These top 8 advanced pushup workouts will provide a better shape to your body when done with proper method & safety.

So, these were all top 8 advanced pushup workouts to increase strength. I hope you all love it. Yeah? then please let me know. You can comment on us anytime & give your precious review about the article.

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