Top 5 Best Back Workout For Mass In The World

The best back workout for mass i.e followed by most of the celebrities. You can get all information about their diet and schedule here.

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In various regions of the world, people think back workout for mass is just a waste of time they more focus on biceps, triceps, and chest but the reality is far beyond your imagination. Back workout for mass is the most important workout in all workouts because it does the part of all the workouts. It works as an all-rounder in terms of the gym. By doing a back workout you can get a 52-inch chest very easily.

Do you know, our chest part and upper back part are of equal proportion (9%) in adults so by increasing your back size you can get even bigger chest size And to get mass at the back is the very easiest task. If you are taking a proper 4-5 meals a day and doing this back workout then you can get big wide back in just 2 to 3 weeks. So, now not wasting much more time getting ready to check out the back workout for mass.

Single-Arm Dumbell Row

back workout for mass
  • Stand straight with one dumbbell in the right hand with the overhand grip so that your palm should be facing towards your leg.
  • Put your left knee and left palm on the bench.
  • Keep your right knee slightly bent so that it could not affect your posture.
  • Pull the dumbbell towards your torso by folding your elbow.
  • Make your eyes focused forward and keep your back slightly arched so that it seems parallel to the ground and you will get the proper benefit of this exercise.
  • Repeat all of the above steps with your left hand and keeping your right knee, right palm on the bench.
  • Descend the weight slowly to get more effect on the triceps and try to pull the dumbbell quickly but releasing it slowly.

REPS: 12 to 15

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

  • Set your desired weight in the lat pulldown machine and sit comfortably by keeping your knees under the support.
  • Take a wide overhand grip on the lat pulldown bar more than the width of shoulders.
  • Exhale your breath and pull the bar towards your chest squeezing both of your shoulder blades.
  • Inhale and descend the bar slowly to widen and stretch your back properly.

REPS: 12

Close Grip Pulldown

  • Attach the wide grip handle and sit on the lat pulldown the machine.
  • Have a shoulder-width underhand grip and initiate the movement by squeezing shoulder blades.
  • Drag the bar down towards your lower ribs so that your elbows should be parallel to your body.
  • Release the bar slowly to the starting position.

REPS: 12

V Grip Lat Pulldown

back workout for mass
  • Start with attaching a v- bar to the lat pulldown machine.
  • Hold the underhand grip so that your palm faces you.
  • Now keep your eyes on the pulley and pull the v- bar towards your chest.
  • Squeeze your lats, hold, and then release the bar slowly.

REPS: 12 to 15


  • First, stand straight with shoulder distance between legs.
  • Keep your half foot under the bar and hold the bar with overhand grip,
  • Now, with your full strength, holding the breath.
  • Lift the bar by keeping your lower back straight.
  • And then, slowly touch the bar to the ground.


Before starting, make sure you wear the belt for safety purposes. Stay hydrated and have a constant breath. Also, lift lower weight first. And, don’t force yourself too much.

REPS: 6 to 8

Bent-Over Barbell Row

  • Be in a standing position holding the bar with a double underhand grip.
  • Tilt your upper body forward making an almost 60° angle with the ground and slightly bend your knees.
  • So pull the bar towards your belly bottom by folding your elbow and keep your face forward.
  • Try to squeeze the lats and hold for 1-2 seconds at the extreme position.
  • And then slowly go to the starting position.

REPS: 10


Back workout for mass has the most effective routine to get a big and wide back and chest. To get more muscles at the back you have to take more calories and proteins to increase mass on the back and restore the torn tissues respectively. These are the best workout of all time. Apply these workouts with a heavy diet rich in carbs and proteins. Use supplementation if needed or consult your health expert for the same. Also, don’t overdo any workout as it can cause various injuries. Follow all the precautions as mentioned and increase the intake of carbs and proteins.

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