Increase Height Up to 1 Inch With These 7 Tips

Increasing height is always been a matter of concern for short people. But here are some unique tips to increase height up to 1 inch.

“Height doesn’t matter until you fall short in confidence”

Hello Everyone! We are back with another topic on How to increase height up to 1 inch naturally, Just go through these 7 tips and check results in a month.

Once in a lifetime, you all would have been taunted by your relatives that “Why your height is not increasing?” and compared with your brothers & sisters like “See your brother/sister is larger than you”. Those words are even harsh than walking through hell. Yes?

I can feel your pain, So, here are some tips to increase your height, my friend, just follow them and thank me later. Let’s begin!!

Eat Nutritious Food

First of all, Proper nutrition is always the best solution for every problem related to your body. If you take a balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals so half of your problems will be naturally begone.

Protein is the most crucial nutrient for muscle and body growth. Proper intake of proteins may make you grow at a faster rate. There are two ways to take protein: 1) Supplements 2) Naturally.

Food like paneer, eggs, oats, milk, chicken, and nuts are highly rich in protein, take the best suitable amount and it may help you increase height.

So, You have to eat properly if you want to increase height and shut your relative’s mouth up.

Do Yoga

Yoga is another factor that can play a vital role in increasing your height. You may have heard this solution on most of the sites or blogs but it’s beneficial when done with full dedication and consistency.

Increase height

Asanas or poses like Tadasana, Paschimottanasana, Vrikshasana, and Surya Namaskar help a lot in increasing your height. You can practice these asanas at your home or nearby park in the fresh air.


Doing calisthenics is another approach for people less than 19 years to increase height. As calisthenics contain some exercises like Hanging, jumping, etc which may help you build muscles stronger and taller.

Increase height

Doing calisthenics twice or thrice a week is enough for the purpose, do more only if your body supports it. Focus more on doing exercise that includes hanging, running, jumping, etc.

Maintain Your Posture

Maintaining posture is the most important feature in the growth of the body. Bad body posture depletes the growth of the body and causes various troubles including neck pain, disrupted digestion, etc.

You can correct your posture by standing straight, keeping your shoulder back, keeping your weight on heels, etc. Exercise all these days and you see the changes.

Taking Good Nap

This is where most of the people lose. An inappropriate amount of sleep is the main factor for bad mental and physical health. A study done in 2010 stated that sleep less than 7 hours regularly can be led to early death and the same goes for a long sleep.

Increase height

So, the appropriate amount of sleep is as important as your life. Hence, taking a good nap can make you grow at a very faster rate and it will make you live longer. So, you can follow this tip if you want to live longer.

Stay Away From Growth Inhibitors

Before going on this point, we should know about some growth inhibitors, so let me tell you. Growth inhibitors are substances that stop the growth of the human body. So, do not take any of the growth inhibitors which may reduce your growth.

Increase height

It includes smoking and other things which are injurious to health. So, if you want to increase height, please stop taking them.

Build Strong Immunity

Covid-19 taught us how to build our immunity to break the chain and reduce the spread of coronavirus. The same goes for this, if you follow all these tips honestly and consistently, you will see true growth and power arisen in your body.

You must eat vegetables, fruits and a high amount of protein to boost immunity and height.


Our height increases at a rapid rate from the age of 12 to 16 years. After 16 years this rate decreases continuously and after the age of 19 years, it stops increasing. Due to the closing of growth plates in the body, our height stops growing.

So, if you are between 12 to 18 years of age then you should focus more on your physical health and appearance.

Eat nutritious and healthy food rich in protein. Do yoga regularly stretch your body properly. Indulge in muscle-building activities but try not to do the gym before 18 years of age. Maintain your posture properly and consistently.

Take a good nap, remove stress and maintain proper mental health. Stay away from smoking and any kind of drugs that may stop your growth. All of this will help you build strong mental and physical health which is the most important thing in this world.

So, If you follow all these tips regularly and maintain these healthy habits then you will never face taunts from those relatives anymore and will increase height up to 1 inch. And this is not only for 12 to 16 years people. People less than 20 years of age can follow these tips and can see changes. Want to thank? Just like, share, comment, and follow us on Instagram.

Caution: Consult your physician before following these tips

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