Fix Sore Muscles: 9 Tips To Get Instant Relief

Muscle pain due to workout sometimes become intolerant. So, here are some unique tips to get relief from sore muscles and heal fast.

“Muscle Soreness Is The New Hangover”

sore muscles

Sometimes we get too motivated with the workout songs in the gym that we didn’t get a thought of its after-effects. However, the thing that happens after that is we all know. Sitting on the bed and not moving any body part for more than 2 days. Right? The pain from sore muscles is normal but sometimes they become intolerant. This article will help you to heal that intolerant pain and recover fast. So, without much more delay let’s start our 9 tips to fix sore muscles.

Muscle Soreness

However, there can be many causes of muscle soreness, but today we are only going to discuss pain caused by DOMS. DOMS? DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a kind of muscle soreness caused by excessive irregular workouts. It is mainly caused to beginners because after workout their muscles get pumped & tissues get torn up due to which they feel pain. This pain stays for a minimum of 24-72hrs.

If pain lasts for more than 48hrs that means the exercise was too much. In such a situation your body tenders to touch & move and you face intolerant pain. So, today we will discuss some tips that can help us reduce or fix the sore muscles, supplement for sore muscles (if any), etc. Your first muscle soreness remedy is:

Drinking Curcumin Milk

sore muscles

Turmeric (Haldi) is an amazing spice found in most of the part of Asia. It is a powerful antioxidant and can heal most of the deformities in your body. Drinking haldi milk may help you to recover those teared-up tissues effectively and rapidly caused due to excessive workout. Haldi contains 60-70% carbohydrates and 6-8% of protein which helps to heal torn tissues. There are mainly 5 types of Haldi-based on their color & effectiveness. Haldi that helps to get relief in pain is White Turmeric (Amba Haldi). So, Whenever you feel intolerant pain in any part of the body feel free to drink a White Haldi milkshake.

Taking Hot Water Bath

A hot water bath is another method to get relief from muscle soreness. As hot water helps the muscle to relax the muscle. It would be much better if you put some salt in the water. A hot seawater bath helps you to ease achy muscles and treat irritated skin. It also helps to cure rheumatic disease. And it also makes you relax both physically and mentally. So, taking a hot water bath will definitely gonna help you.

Exercising More

sore muscles

You’ll definitely think how exercising more in such a situation will help you. But it is seen that doing some normal exercise like pushup & squats helps you get relief from pain a little bit. Don’t let muscle soreness succeed over your motivation. Muscle soreness only happens once when you start a workout or start a new workout. Once you get used to the pain then you’ll never feel it. In severe pain conditions, you may go for a low-intensity workout or change to another muscle group workout.

Eating High Protein Food

sore muscles

Muscle soreness is mainly caused by the teared up tissues due to excessive workout. These teared up tissues are the main cause of pain. Our skeletal muscles contain around 75% water & 20% protein which shows that majority of the muscle composition is water & protein. So, eating a high amount of protein food will make you heal those teared-up tissues at a faster rate. And drinking about 1L of water during the workout will help your muscles grow more.

Stretching Body Properly After Workout

Stretching the body properly after a workout may prevent the body from high-intensity muscle soreness. It may decrease the intensity of pain that you’ll suffer. However, it cannot heal you immediately but can reduce the pain. When it’s a thing of workout then warm-up & stretching plays an important role. Both of them help you to slightly loosen our muscles & save us from muscle injury & pain. So, you must make a habit of doing warm-up & stretching before & after the workout for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Taking Rest Properly

sore muscles

Taking rest has always been an essential & enjoyable part for everyone. In sore muscles condition, the more you rest the better & quick relief you’ll get. Every time you wake from sleep you’ll feel increased pain for just 1 day. From the second day onwards, you’ll feel that your pain is diminishing slowly. So, taking a good nap may result in quick relief.

Massage with Warm Mustard Oil

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This is the most important tip as it can play a significant role in healing the torn tissues. Mustard oil is widely used in India as it has various skin & hair growth benefits. Also, mustard oil contains allyl isothiocyanate which alleviates the pain. So, if you put some tiny cut garlic pieces in warm mustard oil. And massage it on your body. It gives a much better relief in muscle soreness. At last, always consult your physician before following any tip.


Its time to ensure some precautions:
Never take the heavyweight or weight greater than your strength because doing so can cause various injuries and also it can damage your tissue due to which you will never be able to do exercise with that part again and in worst cases it could deform your posture which cannot be changed again easily. The best way to increase biceps or get 16-inch arms quickly is to take low weights but doing maximum reps due to which you can easily get big muscles and when you get used to the exercises then you can easily increase machine weight or dumbbell weights.

If you are a beginner don’t push yourself too much. Just do some mixed exercise and let your body get used to it.

So, these were some ways to fix muscle soreness and reduce the pain. Hope you love it if yes, kindly like, share, comment & follow us on Instagram, Fb, and Pinterest for daily new fittest updates.

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