Best Chest Workout Routine For Beginners

A proper chest workout routine with all precautions, benefits, diet information, and also some helpful tips to build your physique.

A champion is someone who gets up when they can’t

You will get all the information regarding the chest workout routine here and we will cover all steps of it just stay tuned. When a person goes to a gym, the first question that arises in his mind is “which exercise I’m going to do today” right?
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This is the best chest workout routine for widening your chest, check here how to do it perfectly.


Chest workout
  • Firstly, lie down on the bench keeping your backbone straight, and take normal breaths.
  • Hold the bar tightly with equal distance from both ends and keep your eyes on the bar.
  • Take a deep breath holds the bar with your full strength and tries to raise it by straightening your elbows.
  • Keep the bar in line with your eyes whenever you straighten your arms.
  • Descend the bar slowly to the mid-chest and again raising it above by straightening arms.

SETS : 3
REPS: 10


Always raise bar diagonally from mid-chest to parallel to eyes because it enhances mass on the chest.


  • Lie down on the incline bench press and hold the bar tightly keeping a wide distance between hands.
  • Take a deep breath and raise the bar in line with your eyes and if you want to get more tension at the triceps just stop each repetition short of the lockout at the top.
  • Keep your back strong while you lift the bar after that let the bar descend slowly.

SETS : 3
REPS: 10


  • Sit on the butterfly machine in a normal posture as we sit on a chair.
  • You can adjust your seat according to your height also keep your back straight and put your legs firmly on the ground.
  • Hold the handles tightly and move your hands in a swinging motion.
  • When your hands are in an extreme position then try to squeeze your chest muscles.
  • After that slowly come back to the starting posture.

SETS : 3 to 4
REPS: 10


Whenever you apply force by hands don’t forget to slightly bend your elbows to get more effect on the chest and doing at least 12 reps of this workout can make you get your dream physique.


  • Lie down on the incline bench, keeping your back straight and focusing your eyes on the ceiling.
  • Hold two dumbbells of the same weight in both hands tightly with an overhand grip.
  • Now make a 90° angle with your both arms and palm facing upward.
  • After that slightly bend your elbows and raise both arms upward so that if they touch each other above your chest.
  • After reaching the described position try to squeeze your chest and then reaching to the starting position again.

SETS : 3
REPS: 8 to 10


Take less weight as compared to other machines because in this workout gravity acts a lot so keeping the weight low will surely help much.


  • Take a bench and put your back shoulders on it then make your lower body parallel to the ground.
  • Put your legs firmly on the ground.
  • Take a dumbbell to hold it with an upper grip and from behind your head raise it above your face then touch to your chest.
  • Try to squeeze your chest and widen it as this chest workout routine is basically for enlarging the chest.
  • Again take a dumbbell behind your head and try to keep your elbows around your ears at this position.

STS: 4
REPS: 10


Raise your lower body fully and try to be parallel to the ground.


This chest workout routine has the most effective routine to get a big and wide chest. To get more muscles at the chest you have to take more calories and proteins to increase mass on the chest and restore the torn tissues respectively.


The fundamental step to gain is to take at least 4 to 5 meals a day and eat the things that are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins like boiled, mashed potato, curd, paneer, cheeseburger, oats, etc.

You can also take some normal supplements like ashwagandha, flax seeds, etc. to enhance the stamina for the gym.
So, now I have told you the basic diet its time to ensure you some precautions:


Never take the heavyweight or weight greater than your strength because doing so can cause various injuries and also it can damage your tissue due to which you will never be able to do exercise with that part again and in worst cases it could deform your posture which cannot be changed again easily. The best way to increase chest quickly is to take low weights but doing maximum reps due to which you can easily get big muscles and when you get used to the exercises then you can easily increase machine weight or dumbbell weights.


Make a schedule of doing this chest workout routine and your meal timings.
So, for achieving the dream body you just need to be disciplined a little bit towards your goal after that achieving that goal is not a long way.
In conclusion, if you get any doubt about anything related to fitness just text in the comment box, and your solution will be there within 24 hours.

This chest workout routine will be more beneficial if you do it with a schedule. You can do this chest workout routine on Monday every week which will not spoil your day to day life. If you want some further information then you can contact us in comment section anytime. We’ll always be here for you.


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