HIIT Workout At Home: A 15 Minute Complete Guide

A complete guide about HIIT workout at home with their proper tips, precautions, time limit, benefits, and necessary things that you’ll be needed.

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Hey, guys welcome back with another article based on your fitness whether you want to lose weight or gain, fitnesstepz is always here to solve your queries so today we are going to talk about HIIT workout at home. So, this content will provide you with a complete guide about HIIT workout at home with their proper tips, precautions, time limit, benefits, and necessary things that you’ll be needed.

Hence, without making much more talks let’s begin our HIIT workout at home.



It is a type of workout that mainly works for the shoulder & abs. Firstly, come into pushup position and keep your hand’s chest aside. Then do not move your hands and sprint at your position. This will help to increase shoulder strength & give it a perfect shape.


It is a type of movement which increases strength & works for every part of the body. To perform this firstly, stand straight & fall quickly in the pushup position, perform one pushup squeezing the chest muscles, sit backward on your heels keeping your hands at the same stance. After that, stand up and jump by properly squeezing your calves. This workout is very beneficial in increasing stamina & losing weight when done in the right posture.


It is a workout that improves stamina & helps to lose weight easily and quickly when done for proper duration & sets. Firstly, Stand straight keeping your legs joined. Open your legs by hopping and clap your hands above your head. Then, by the same procedure come back to the same posture. Perform this workout for 20 seconds for beginners & 30 seconds for intermediate.


This workout is the most effective workout for weight loss or getting a shredded physique. It requires proper core strength. To perform it, firstly stand straight with arms relaxed, then raise your right knee by slightly jumping as when you hit someone and repeat the same procedure with your left leg. 15 to 30 seconds of this workout with 2 sets is more than enough for intermediate and beginners level.


This workout is a type of abs workout. This workout helps to give shape to your obliques & upper abs by strengthening them. Firstly, sit down with your knees slightly bent. Then make a 45-degree angle between your back and the ground. lift your feet from the ground & twist your upper body on both sides properly. 15-20 reps/ 2 sets of this workout are best to get better-shaped abs.


Sprawls are the best exercise for increasing arm strength & losing belly fat. To perform it, firstly, come into a pushup position by keeping your elbows straight. Then, loosen your back slightly without bending your elbow. After that, come back to the prior position and stand.


Ice skaters are a well known HIIT workout that requires proper stamina & leg strength. So, performing this workout may occur beneficial to you. Firstly, stand straight & take a left side jump. Then, Stretch your right leg behind your left leg & touch it ( left leg) with your right hand. Repeat the same instructions with the right side. In conclusion, a minimum of 25 seconds is enough for this workout for weight loss or shredded figure.


Hiit workout at home

1) Warm-up before workout

A proper warm-up is always needed before starting any workout or muscle stretch. After warming up your body doesn’t feel any stress or stiffness which helps you to perform the workout with perfection & stay away from any muscle cramp.

2) Keep intervals of less than 2 minutes

Time duration is the most important factor in the HIIT workout. Your entire efforts depend upon your leisure time. If it exceeds its time limit then doing it after that yields irregular results. The study says that taking a 2-minute gap after a circuit is alright.

3) Workout at a regular time

As your schedule contain specified timings for everything, similarly, your workout timings should also be specified. So, Arrange your schedule according to your preferences & find the specified timings for the HIIT workout of each day.

5) Be aware of muscle ache

While doing any workout most of us forget when to quit, we pass our limits due to workout motivation which results in muscle soreness. So, always keep it in your mind when to quit.

5) Get a good nap

After doing a vigorous workout it is necessary to take a good sleep & heal our body effectively. You can also take a lemon tea or green tea before going to bed. To relax your body & mind flawlessly.


Hiit workout at home

1) Burn more calories in a short interval of time.

2) Enhances your metabolism.

3) Helps in weight loss instead of muscle loss.

4) Time conserving.

5) Lowers the risk of heart disease.


Hiit workout at home

1) People with Injury in tendons, joints & muscles

If any person has a laceration in tendons or joints thus he/she should not do this HIIT workout at home. It can make the injury worse. So, before doing HIIT first check that you are eligible or not.

2) People having respiratory difficulties

If any person has respiratory issues like asthma, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, etc, should not do this HIIT workout at home. HIIT workout requires high lung capacity and best core strength which an asthma patient doesn’t have. So, a person having respiratory problems should away from this workout.

3) Pregnant women

Pregnant women should not perform this HIIT workout as it contains several jumps, squats, situps, which may harm the baby inside the fetus. So, for pregnant women, it will be beneficial to do some simple exercises.

4) Don’t overdo it

If you think that doing this workout extraordinarily will make you thin in one day, then, you are totally wrong. Exaggerating this workout will only result in muscle soreness from which you will not be able to sit for 3 days.

5) People suffering from heart disease

If any person is suffering from any kind of cardiovascular disease then he/she should not do this workout. Because HIIT workout enhances the rate of flow of blood which can cause an attack.


Hiit workout at home

Q.1 How much time is it good to do HIIT workout?

A 20-minute vigorous circuit training is more than enough to achieve your fitness goal. But, stay hydrated while you execute this workout.

Q.2 How many times per week you should do HIIT training?

Twice a week is a decent number to do this HIIT workout at home. It takes some time to reduce muscle soreness that comes from a HIIT workout. So, doing twice a week is more than sufficient.

Q.3 How long does it take for HIIT to see results?

Mostly it depends upon the workout exercises that you are doing or how you are doing. But, on average, it takes around 7-8 weeks to see the best results from the HIIT workout.


In conclusion, HIIT workout at home is a promising workout that you can do without equipment & see results within some weeks of your beginning. However, it doesn’t mean that you can do this training in any way that you want. Firstly, you should contact your fitness trainer that you can do this workout or not. As well as, do this training by keeping in mind about all the benefits, precautions & tips to see best results in a less interval of time.

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