15 Minutes Abs Workout At Home To Get A Six Pack

Hey guys, firstly, I hope you all will be fine and doing well in this dark time of the COVID pandemic. Secondly, today we are going to talk about how 15 minutes abs workout at home will help us to get a six-pack. So, without wasting much more time let’s begin.

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”

First of all, I should clarify one thing in your mind that getting six-pack abs is not a piece of cake. It requires dedication, deep desire, commitment, consistency, and proper nutrition. Hence, now you have come here means you have all the qualities that are written above. Yeah? So let’s check this 15 minutes abs workout at home.

For six-pack abs, you don’t need to do some extraordinary things. You just need to be consistent and honest towards your six-pack abs. All the exercises stated below are more than enough for your six-pack abs. Still, if you get some problem just text us in the comment section.

So, there are three parts of exercise for getting six-pack abs upper abs, lower abs, and obliques. All of them are important to get properly shaped six-pack abs. Cheating in any of the parts is only going to spoil all your efforts so don’t ever cheat with the workouts. Upper abs are the first ones that come after that your determination should be strong enough to get lower abs and then obliques. People drop their efforts after getting upper abs but with this workout schedule, you’ll definitely going to get six-pack abs.



  • Lie down on your back keeping your knees bent.
  • Tightly place your feet on the ground.
  • Now, put your hands behind your head.
  • Raise your upper body without moving your feet and knees.
  • Hold there for a second then slowly come to your starting position.
  • Do not lie on the ground while coming back from an extreme position just stop your back at least 15° angle from the ground otherwise it will not make much effect.


Do not force yourself too much only do it as much as you can otherwise it can cause stomach aches and headaches.

V – UP

Abs workout at home
  • Sit on the mat in a comfortable posture.
  • Raise your legs above and balance on your back.
  • Touch your feet with fingers and then come back to starting posture.


Try to balance on your back, if you are unable to do that then you can do another set of crunches.


  • Make a 60° angle from the ground with the back.
  • Raise your both legs.
  • Touch your left elbow with the right knee and right elbow with the left knee.
  • It will appear like you are sprinting over your place.


If you are unable to make balance then you can touch your heels on the floor and don’t forget to lean slightly backward it will give a proper stretch.



  • Take a long hanging bar and make a proper overhand grip on it.
  • Hold the bar tightly and raise your legs.
  • Do not bend your knees keep them straight and make a 90° angle with your body.
  • Try to hold there a little bit then lower down your legs slowly.


Do not bend your knees while going up also if you are unable to reach 90° then do as much as you can.


  • Take a mat and lie down on it with your body facing upward.
  • Do not move your upper body and raise your legs till 60° from the ground.
  • Hold there for a second then slowly lower your legs.
  • Do not put your legs on the ground stop them at a little above the ground.
  • Again repeat the above steps.


Do not stress yourself, raise your legs as much as you can. Don’t force yourself to do extraordinary.


  • Lie down on a mat keeping your face towards the ceiling.
  • Put your hands aside with your palm facing upward.
  • Raise your right leg at a 60° angle from the ground keeping your left leg slightly above the ground.
  • Now, raise your left leg at a 60° angle from the ground keeping your right leg slightly above the ground.


If you are having any problem in performing with palm upwards then you can make them downwards.



  • Lie down on the mat keeping your face towards the ceiling.
  • Raise your head and shoulder keeping your back on the ground.
  • Keep your hands behind your neck and raise your legs.
  • Touch your right elbow with your left knee by proper twisting your abs.
  • Now, touch your left elbow with your right knee and repeat it.


Try to balance your body and make a proper twist with your abs to enhance them.


  • Lie down on the mat keeping your face upward.
  • Bend your knees and touch your heels on the ground.
  • Raise your upper body at a 60° angle from the ground.
  • Twist your upper body fully by keeping both hands behind your neck.


This workout helps to properly enhance obliques so always do it properly otherwise it can cause trouble.


  • Lie down on the mat keeping your back facing upward.
  • Put your legs on anything higher than your shoulder height.
  • Keep your hands on both sides of the chest.
  • Hold the position as much as you can it will give proper stretch to your obliques.


Keep your hands stretched and put your legs at a place higher than your hand’s height.


So, that was all 15 minutes abs workout at home to get six-packs I hope you all love it but I want to tell you some important information about abs workout.

Before doing this workout you keep some things in your mind.

  1. Take something nutritious, fat-free, and light food approximately 1 hour before your workout.
  2. Do not drink water quickly after the workout, take it after approximately 30 minutes later.
  3. Before a workout, it is a must need to do some jogging or running for 15 mins to activate your abdominal muscles and enhance your lower abs.

If you feel a kind of pain(fatigue pain) in your stomach after the workout then kindly do not perform the workout again for approximately 72 hours. Let your muscles repair for 72 hours after that you are free to perform this workout again.


Take a normal healthy, nutritious, and fat-free diet. Drink as much water as you can to clean your body. Apart from that don’t do overeating, take small meals but increase the number of meals. This much is enough to get six-pack abs. Hence, this 15 minutes abs workout at home gave you all information. I hope you all love it.


May 2021

Rohit Chaudhary

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